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Monopoly Case Study Microsoft

According to Croteau and Hoynes (2006), the court cited three significant features of economic monopoly applicable to Microsoft’s case. First, Microsoft possesses a large and stable economic participation in terms of production, marketing.

  • monopoly Consumers were being harmed by higher prices Microsofts actions had reduced innovation Microsoft argued it was not a monopoly Highly dynamic industry Microsoft also claimed to be procompetitive since consumers benefited Access to high quality, innovative software Claim #1 Did the Microsoft Corporation possess monopoly

  • Monopoly through technology 1. Monopoly Microsoft has dominancy in the market and DOJ has also declared that Microsoft has monopoly. 2. High barriers to entry Microsoft has over 70000 software applications. So it is difficult for another company to enter in.

  • Answer: Monopoly of Microsoft’s operating system has harmed everyone from users to computer producers. Due to unavailability of fair market the users were bound to use Microsoft’s operating system and applications. They were unable to hide icons of the Microsoft’s applications from their operating system.


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